Trump’s Sharpie-written notes are a tragically catchy pop punk song now.

President Donald Trump went on a bizarre rant at the White House yesterday, selectively quoting from Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s damning testimony about Trump’s crimes. Countless people have pointed out that Trump’s handwritten notes from the rant looked like lyrics to a song, inspiring some people on Twitter to put those words to music. And surprisingly, the songs are actually pretty good.

Needless to say, music that’s inspired by mainstream politics is usually very, very bad. And user-created parody songs about politicians are often unbearable. But these songs from Trump’s words, created by three talented musicians, are actually executed perfectly. Completely devoid of context, the songs make about as much sense as anything our senile president was trying to say yesterday.

Twitter user Alex Kliment created a song inspired by 1970s punk band The Ramones. Kliment even matched up his new song to Trump’s mouth movements, making the 22-second bit truly inspired.

Twitter user Nick Lutsko created an emo version of Trump’s rant that would surely make Dashboard Confessional jealous. And just like the Ramones version, Trump’s perfectly matched lip-syncing in the video really makes the entire effort that much more impressive.

And artist Panda Plane created a version of Trump’s words that was inspired by aging rocker Morrissey, the former frontman of The Smiths. And while there’s no video of Trump lip syncing in this one, it’s still a pitch-perfect parody of Morrissey’s trademark whining.

Given everything we know about Morrissey and his far right, racist politics, this last homage actually feels the most appropriate. Trump would be so proud, though we have to assume the president is more of a Wilhelm Richard Wagner guy.

Twitter users have pointed out other famous musicians who could have written these lyrics, including Kurt Cobain, Car Seat Headrest, and Linkin Park, among plenty of others. But we haven’t seen any musicians attempt to emulate those styles yet. If you see any other good versions, let us know in the comments.

U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland gave a damning testimony against Donald Trump during Wednesday’s impeachment hearing. He claimed that the Trump administration, including the president, was aware of quid pro quo in Ukraine.

The president, meanwhile, took to the White House lawn to reiterate once again that he had done anything wrong. Photographs of his notes from the appearance show the words “I WANT NOTHING. I WANT NOTHING. I WANT NO QUID PRO QUO” scrawled on a pad in what appears to be marker.

It was only a matter of time before someone turned his bizarre statement into a song.

Musician Nick Lutsko, who has turned the president’s speeches into pop punk ballads before, reworked the now-infamous Sharpie statement into an emo song worthy of the most angsty hair flips.

Honestly, it kind of slaps. If Warped Tour still happened, this would be the song to open the pit.

It also inspired these horrifying renderings of what emo Trump would look like.

If you want to subject yourself to ten minutes of emo Trump’s whining, Lutsko also made a medley of his speeches-turned-pop punk songs.

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